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Special Needs Ministry


The mission of Power, Hope, & Grace Bible Church Special Needs Ministry is to reach out to individuals with special needs and offer support to their families. Some of the services this ministry offers assistance as needed to individuals with disabilities for church services, parent training, and access to special needs literature/resources, accessible facilities, and parking.


Special Needs Ministry’s service provides:


Christian Education- Sunday School 10:00AM- 11:00AM


Tutor and Resource Assistance- for mainstream Sunday School and Bible Class


Parent Training- Training sessions covers advocacy and special education


Ongoing Volunteer Training- for Special Needs Ministry staff members


Sign Language Interpreters= Deaf Ministry- for Deaf and H.O.H.


Accessible Facilities- Parking


Information/resources regarding local, state, and national organizations or agencies that give support to individuals with disabilities and their families.


Celebration Sunday Presentation- a presentation to help increase awareness and understanding of individuals with disabilities to the community.  Celebrating the accomplishments of people of all abilities


Awareness of career choices available- within the special education profession.