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Church Ministries

Music Ministry

The music ministry is a vital part of worship in the church.  It helps to prepare the hearts and minds of the congregation to receive the Word of God.


The components are:


  • Praise and worship groups

  • Choirs

  • Dance/Mime Ministry

  • Soloist

Family Focus Ministry

This ministry supports the spiritual and natural growth in the family structures. It promotes the principle of developing and strengthening the family structure by instituting fellowship along with the application of and encouragement in the Word of God. The ministry services married couples, singles, and single parents and is open to member as well as the surrounding community.


The following is a listing of sponsored activities:


  • Men and women conferences

  • Retreats

  • Fellowships

  • Family and Friends month

Youth Ministry

This ministry provides young people with diverse activities and programs that encourage spiritual development and fellowship. Revivals, skits, and other activities are designed especially to meet the needs of the youth.


The components are:


  • Youth Services

  • Children’s Ministry (ages 5-12)

Musicians and Audio/ Visual Staff

This ministry is responsible for providing music as needed to support weekly and special services. Audio and Video media are recorded, reproduced, and made available for sale through this department.


Components and duties are as follows:


  • Musicians: Provide music for Praise/worship teams and choirs

  • Audio/Visual Services: Provide technical support and management of sound distribution, and audio/video recording for all services and functions of PHGBC.

Evangelism Ministry
Ministry of Helps

This outreach ministry is designed to reach the unsaved by means of canvasing the surrounding community and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The components are:


  • Transitional housing and temporary shelter for homeless women, mothers, and their children

  • Shelter for homeless men

  • Senior citizens care facility

  • Prison ministry

  • Servicing for troubled young women

This ministry is designed to assist members and guest who attend regularly scheduled services.


The following is a listing of the components and associated duties:


  • Usher Board: Responsible for escorting individuals to seats inside the sanctuary and assisting guests as necessary. The Usher Board also maintains order throughout the services; especially during alter calls and the offertory portion of the service.

  • Nursery: The nursery is responsible for care of infants and toddlers of our guests and members during scheduled services at PHGBC.

  • Health: This ministry consists of burses and individuals trained to assist members and guest that may become ill while attending PHGBC.

Christian Education
Athletic Department

This ministry provides comprehensive Christian educational programs. These programs are designed to teach and share the Word of God with all ages within the ministry.


The components are:


  • Sunday School

  • Essential Doctrine Class

  • How to Study the Bible

  • Evangelism Training

  • Special Needs Ministry

This ministry provides recreational fellowship for church members and the greater community.


The components are:


  • Gymnasium

  • Church Picnic

Marketing & Public Relations
Ministerial Services

This ministry is the communication conduit and is responsible for sharing information about out church and related activities to members, the surrounding communities, and to affiliated churches and organizations.


The components are:


  • Church announcements

  • Press releases

  • Flyers

  • Monthly Church programs

  • Marketing and promotional materials

  • Maintenance of church website





This ministry is responsible for coordinating and scheduling individuals to open and conduct church praise and worship services. Ministers and capable lay members are responsible for administering various duties.


The components are:


  • Opening of the Services

  • Prayer

  • Scripture reading

  • Preaching, teaching, or exhortation of God’s Word

  • Visitation of the sick in hospitals or homes

  • Bereavement counseling

  • Matters as assigned by the Pastor