PHGBC Music Ministry




The History of the PHG Choir


In the beginning, the church was without a choir in 1959 until 1974. During those times, it was unpopular to have a church choir in the Michigan State Council. We were the start of a new trend within the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Assn. Inc.


Minister Williams (Billy) Brown Jr. formed our first choir. Be election, the choir was named Pentecostal House of God Chorale. The bond that was within the choir was one of a close-knit family. The choir traveled in and out of the state to many wonderful bus trips and overnight hotel stays. PHG Choral prayed and fasted together and was an encouragement to one another.


While the choir was still young, Minister Billy Brown mentored Anthony (Tony) Hilson and Sister Donna (Mellon) North in their musical endeavors. When the church moved to Hubbell, the choir began its continual growth. Many directors and musicians began to serve within the choir. We were blessed with phenomenal choir presidents such as Pamela Hughes, Minister Carolyn Thorn, Anthony (Tony) Hilson, and Richard Cullens.


It was at Hubbell where there were numerous concerts, and musicals where the church was filled to capacity. Throughout the years, the choir was blessed to minister to the community with outdoor mini musicals, food, and fellowship and singing at various outreach ministries.


In later years, our choir changed its name to Pentecostal House of God Praise Choir. From 1979-1990, Thomas Murphy held the position of our main organist. Paul Stevenson succeeded the position of musical instrumentalist. He continues to bless us with his love of serving the Lord with his gift and is currently our Minister of Music at Power Hope and Grace Bible Church; formerly known as Pentecostal House of God.