The Honorable

Pastor Quintin W. Wingate, PHD

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A Review of the Apostolic Faith Movement and Their Key Doctrines: Are They Biblical?

Pastor Quintin W Wingate was born and raised in the city of Detroit, Michigan, the 6th child of 13 siblings born to Elder Charlie and Evangelist Martha Wingate.  He gave his life to Christ at the tender age of 12.  As a young man coming up at Pentecostal House of God he had a passion and burning desire for God’s word and worked in many areas of the church.  He was a Sunday school teacher, A. V. technician, youth minister, choir member, athletic director, usher, youth prayer band and custodian.  God had a plan for the life of this young man.  In September, 1985 he assumed the pastorate of Pentecostal House of God, presently known as, Power Hope and Grace Bible Church, after the death of our founder, Bishop Bernard R. McCrary.


One year later in September, 1986, he left his job and committed himself to full time pastoral duties.  He continued to excel in ministry.  In 1988, Pastor Wingate was ordained an Elder by the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Association, Inc. and in 1989 he was appointed a District Elder.  While being a faithful servant, his leadership did not go unnoticed.  He was elected as the Assistant Council Chairman for the Michigan State Council P.C.A.F. Inc., 5th Episcopal District.  He also assisted in organizing the Midwest Bible College Institute.  In 2003, Pastor Wingate was elected and ordained a Bishop within the P. C. A. F. Association, Inc.


As a pastor of a thriving urban ministry, Pastor Wingate works diligently around the clock preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is very profound and skillfully trained in teaching and preaching the Bible, and is sought after for speaking engagements all over the United States.  As CEO, he oversees the PHGBC Executive Board of Directors, Ministers Alliance, Board of Deacons, Administrative staff, as well as several others ministries and departments and the PHG Urban Life (community) Center.


Pastor Wingate has a genuine love for God, God’s people and community work.  He has been recognized and is the recipient of many local and state awards acknowledging his outstanding leadership, exceptional achievements and community service.  Not only is he an astute student of the Bible, he has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Studies, a Master’s Degree in Ministry and his Doctorate Degree in Theology.  He has also published his book, A Review of the Apostolic Faith Movement, And Their Key Doctrines:  Are They Biblical?


Pastor Wingate is married to the lovely Brenda Fay Wingate.  Brenda is his pride and joy. She also has worked in a variety of areas in the church, the usher board, advertising department, finance department; and is a dynamic Sunday school teacher.  She is diligent and devoted to the work of the Lord; supports and works faithfully by her husband’s side.  They have been married for over 26 years and have 8 beautiful children, Rokita, Raquel, Rachel, Darnell, Darius, Rochelle, Renita and Demarcus.