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Our Church History


The History of the Pentecostal House of God is preserved by our late Founder Bishop Bernard Robert McCrary. He was a great man of God. His legacy continues with the exceptional leadership through high standards and examples set by the current Pastor, Bishop Quintin W. Wingate.

On November 19, 1959, Pastor McCrary began to hold church services in the basement of his own home. The church was call House of Jacob and was located on 34853 Quincy Street, Detroit, MI. The church began with seven members. This consisted of Pastor McCrary and his wife Gelene, their three eldest daughters; the first saints of the church were Elder Charlie Wingate Sr. (first deacon) and Martha Wingate.

The dedicatory service was officiated by the late Bishop Samuel Nathan Hancock. The first name given to the church was the House of Jacob on December 1, 1959. Nince months later they were able to purchase a church building located at 15003 Fairfield Detroit, Michigan on June 19, 1961. It was there that the late Bishop McCrary decided that he wanted to change the name of the church. He wanted to give all honor and glory to God by changing the name to the Pentecostal House of God. An abundant harvest came through door to door witnessing.


In April of 1976, the balance of the church land contract was paid off. In June of the same year they celebrated the burning of the mortgage. All the church buses were paid off and carpet was laid in needed areas of the church. This was all done by cash transactions.  In the year 1978, by inspiration and growth God opened up an opportunity in November to purchase another church building located at 14025 Hubbell Detroit, Michigan. Bishop McCrary continued to pastor and endured God’s work until he took ill. The Lord called him home on September 24, 1985. Bishop McCrary was a man of great wisdom and intelligence. As he began to foresee the plan of God, he was led by God to put his house in order. He ordained Quintin Wingate and two other Elders, Michael Thomas and John Rhodes to oversee God’s work and the people of God.

In October of 1985, Elder Quintin W. Wingate became the pastor of this grand assembly. This now was the time for all his training, preparation, expertise, and skills to manifest to the forefront. Pastor Wingate had served in nearly every capacity of the church. You could always count on him to work. Whatever his hands found to do, he did it with exuberance and never complained. Since that time, Pastor Quintin Wingate has grown tremendously in the House of God.


As a faithful servant of God, his leadership did not go unnoticed. In 1988, he was ordained as District Elder of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., 5th Episcopal District. He was instrumental in helping organize the Midwest Bible College. He was selected to serve as an official member of the Executive Board of Bishops; P.C.A.F. Bishop Wingate is devoted to teaching and preaching the truth of God’s word. His dedication and persistence for truth is often witnessed by his congregation and through his lifestyle.

PHG is yet continuing to grow and expand. With much progress, prayers, and anticipation we celebrated our newly built church and Urban Life Center on April 4, 2004 at 6495 W. Warren in Detroit, Michigan. Pentecostal House of God has truly been a blessing in Detroit’s community for over 60 years. In an effort to help advance and transit the community and families, the PHG Urban Life Center is committed to working with the city of Detroit to promote family development and rejuvenate through sponsoring various outreach programs. Bishop Wingate exhibits sincere love for God and God’s people. He is committed to fostering a church of bible believers.


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